• Looking for a fresh set of eyes to ignite new ideas?
  • Need an approach that's innovative, yet grounded in the realities of today?
  • Hoping to capture current trends without being (gasp) faddish?

Sue is constantly on the prowl for new ways to spice up people's interest in health and infuse some excitement into the mix. From her years in the field, her understanding of consumer behavior and her passion for keeping things smart and sizzling, Sue helps companies and organizations create concepts, plans and "products" that yield success.

Sample Projects:

Nutrition as part of the grocery shopping experience. 
Advised and guided retailer on the introduction of a nutrition program in their stores. 

Physical activity campaign designed for kids. 
As part of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant, worked with creative team to design a health campaign to get kids moving at school and at home.

Start-up team for natural and organic grocery store.  

Brought nutrition expertise to the business—creating the presence of “nutrition” in the stores and its brand personality.  Developed nutrition standards for private label foods; evaluated nutrition claims for products; worked with local growers on guidelines for their foods.

Cause-marketing partnerships. 
Advisor to an international public relations firm.  Researched and helped for-profit food companies find meaningful matches for their charitable giving plans.

Target market campaigns.
Advised companies on best ways to reach influencers and target audiences.

Professional group leadership.
Led a 2,000 member group of nutrition entrepreneurs on business practices, strategy, education, networking and mentoring.
Sue joined our strategic planning process for new product introductions, educational platforms and branding plans for national and international food companies. There's a unique benefit to her perspective. She's highly knowledgeable about food and health; she consistently delivers innovative ideas that are balanced by her savvy understanding of consumer behavior.
Sue Sorensen Lee
Lee Public Relations, LLC
Formerly SVP and Partner, Fleishman-Hillard