28-Aug-11 20:25

Have you seen the commercial for WhoNu nutrition rich cookies? How about the Splenda commercials touting the extra fiber or B vitamins added in each yellow packet? What we have here are companies hoping to make us feel at ease about foods that are not-so-great. Two words: Please stop.

22-Jul-11 08:23

We’ll keep it short and sweet this time. A colleague forwarded this link to me of some amazing pictures of food. (I guess Michael Pollan tweeted them a couple of days ago—always a front runner.)

02-Jun-11 08:34

Here's the new and improved icon to hopefully guide you on how to eat well.

30-May-11 16:30

Oh happy day. As of this Thursday, June 2nd, the Food Pyramid is out the door. (The Food Pyramid was that crazy icon—see below—that did very little to help people understand and learn how to eat well.)

06-Apr-11 15:36

Today, a set of carrot videos came my way. Hysterical stuff—and probably one of the best things that could happen for us health-minded types. The creatives who dreamed up this ad plan: geniuses.

23-Mar-11 16:18

As 6 inches of snow (or what seems like cement at this point) falls from the sky, spring seems forever away. Gratefully, a fresh breeze of spring blew into my email box this morning—an article by Mark Bittman—Food: Six Things to Feel Good About. Love it.

26-Jan-11 10:22

This week, the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association revealed a “new and improved” label icon system for food packages. The program, called Nutrition Keys, is “Take 2” for food manufacturers in coming up with a universal system all companies could use to post on food products. Smart Choices, which got skewered by nutritionists a couple of years ago, was their first attempt. As someone who always hopes for the best in helping consumers eat well, I was hoping for more from this system.

10-Jan-11 16:10

Should fast food and quick service restaurants (QSRs) be partners in solving the obesity problem or should they simply sell the foods they want, unchecked? That’s the topic of an interesting article in this month’s issue of QSR magazine (A Super-Sized Dilemma).

20-Dec-10 15:27

More great trends for the coming year, courtesy of the Food Channel's crystal ball...

16-Dec-10 17:00

Every year, The Food Channel sets the stage for what will be hot-and-happening on the food front. Next year they foresee the landscape as local, individual and valuable. Here's the first half of their top 10 list.

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