23-Oct-13 19:41

Food Day is tomorrow, October 24th. It’s a nationwide celebration and movement toward healthy, affordable and sustainable food and, it’s a great idea to rally around.

02-Aug-13 09:02

Have you received “clean your plate” advice at some point in your life? Note to self: skip giving it.

07-May-13 06:40

That label claim lacks loads. In fact, if a food package makes such a claim, odds have it finding fruit of any substance in the product would be a grand surprise.

28-Jan-13 15:33

Taco Bell is running a Super Bowl ad that says having veggies at a party (whether you bring them or serve them) is the kiss of death. Some public health advocates jumped all over Taco Bell re: their implication that veggies are for losers.

15-Jan-13 12:55

Coke’s new ad campaign debuts this week. It’s ignited a rather interesting conversation on its intent. Should a manufacturer of the number one source of calories in our diet (sugary drinks) be talking to us about our weight?

29-Nov-12 10:06

The end of the year brings a flurry of food trend predictions. Often there are odd-ball trends such as fried chicken skin, goji berries and molecular cooking that leave you scratching your head. But every year I find a handful to cheer about. Here are my favorites this year.

16-Sep-12 19:47

Much has been stewing about organics. But, a few more ingredients are needed for this stew to make it good food for thought.

20-Jun-12 08:45

Guessing most of us feel pretty good about ourselves when we select a salad. Greens, veggies, all the important stuff we know we should eat.

18-Mar-12 06:39

“Eat small frequent meals.” That health advice may need retooling. Trend data show more Americans are snacking more often than ever. It’s nearly double what it was even a couple of years ago. More snacks mean more calories and that might not be such a good thing. For plenty of us, it’s not.

28-Nov-11 10:36

What’s going on in your gut (intestines) may also be doing a number on your waistline—at least that’s what some new –pretty amazing research suggests. Here’s the buzz.

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